Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Back from my Grandma duties and I'm in "Through the Craftroom Door" magazine!

Hello, friends!  

I am back in Blog Land after a couple of weeks off.  I very spontaneously decided to take my 4 year old granddaughter home with me last time I visited my daughter.  I had been promising my granddaughter a sleepover as soon as I got settled in another house but that's taking longer than expected.  So I decided to take advantage of the last bit of warm weather while there is plenty to do outside.  Blog posts can wait.  Grandbabies don't stay 4 forever!  So I hope you will forgive me for slacking off a little bit!

 We hung out in the hammock, picked veggies in the garden, played in the hose (one of us on purpose, the other not so much!), went to the county fair, took a walk down by the river, checked out the thrift stores, got ice cream (a lot), colored pictures, played with dolls and Play-Doh and visited every park in town.  To be honest, this grandma is tired out but we had such a great time and made a lot of happy memories! 

The not so great part- I also caught the tummy bug she got on the last few days she was here so I'm not feeling so well today.   I do have a couple of cards for you that I've been saving for a rainy day though!

Stamp: Blue
Digital Papers and Embellishments:  Pixel Scrapper Digital Scrapbooking
Font:  Croissant One

Stamp:  Deer Friend
Digital Papers and Embellishments:  Pixel Scrapper Digital Scrapbooking
Font:  Pinewood

All digital cards on my blog are created with Serif's Craft Artist Pro 2 software. 

Disclosure:   I am now using some  Amazon affiliate links for products I use on my blog projects so whatever you purchase from Amazon through my links allows me to make a little commission at no extra cost to you!  Thank you in advance for your support.

Through the Craftroom Door

 I am very excited to be the featured digi artist in this edition of  Through the Craftroom Door magazine!   New subscriptions are $18.00 for the first year (6 issues) and give access to two years of back issues which include videos and images. You will need to create a profile on the website and then you can use the Subscriber tab to pay via Paypal. 

The 3 Wink Wink Ink images alone (Bootiful, Foxy, and Sweet BFFs) are a $10.50 value and available for download (all file versions included) with your subscription!  They also have a very friendly group on Facebook so be sure to check them out!

That's all for now.  Hope you have a great day!

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  1. Very excellent! God bless you as you go forward. Uncle David


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