Tuesday, September 20, 2016

New Winter Stamps!

Hey everybody! I'm back to write a quick blog post for my mom, since she's in the process of moving again and her computer has decided that this would be the perfect time to be difficult. However she was able to upload some new images to the store, perfect for the upcoming Winter season!

I'm gonna start with my personal favorite. Art imitates life and my mom's images are no exception! The coolest thing about being the child of an artist is sometimes being the inspiration behind their creations. Snow Friend definitely brings back happy childhood memories of playing with the snow with my brother!

Speaking of inspiring creativity, how cute is this little mouse making a snow deer? You can also use the 2 animals in Just For You separately if you wish!

Season's Tweetings is a great way to make a fast Christmas card. Coloring that hat could have so many fun possibilities! Plus how adorable is that chickadee?!

 Bunny Blessing features a sweet little snow lady who has the reason for the season on her mind.

And finally we have Christmas Peace, with a cat and mouse enjoying the festive decorations... Or if the cat is anything like our calico, Pebbles... Plotting her attack on the ornaments. This stamp also comes with a shadow version of the cat and mouse for a different look.

We'd love to see what you make with our images!
Until next time! -Ruby

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