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Before I get into what is included in my digital products, here are some links you may find helpful.

My digital downloads are available in my Etsy store.

My artwork is now available on rubber stamps on Zazzle. (Other craft related products coming soon!)

I provide some fun, sample digis for you on my Free Page.

You are going to need some fonts for those craft projects and Font Squirrel is my favorite!

If you intend to use my artwork on items for sale, see my Terms of Use before purchasing. If it's handmade by you, it's probably just fine!

Check out the Wink Wink Ink gallery over at Splitcoast Stampers if you would like to share your work and/or get some inspiration!

If you are a craft blogger who enjoys my art and you would like to help me get more exposure, feel free to download the gif file below and link it back to my Home Page! Your support is sincerely appreciated!

Now, let me tell you a bit about what makes my digital downloads stand out from the rest! I am a digital artist, designer, painter, and paper crafter.  I like to do all the artsy things!  That was my mindset when I started developing digital products.  

Whether you just like coloring in a simple line art image, playing around with graphics programs to create something totally unique, or you enjoy painting little pieces of art that don't look like they came out of a coloring book, I've got you covered!  Every digital stamp I sell includes all the variations you see below.  

You might be wondering what exactly you need all these different files for!  Read on for some ideas.

PNG Images

1. Colored image with transparent background- Great for inspiration and quick, easy projects when you don’t have time to color. It can be layered with other digital images and makes a nice element in a digital scrapbook page.

2. Black line with completely transparent background- Perfect for printing single images, printing on patterned paper, or masking over digital papers when you want the pattern to show through.

3. Black and white image with transparent background- I made this variation specifically for layering with other images to make unique, black line images for coloring. Lines from the base image won’t show through the top image because the images are opaque.

4. Light tan and white image with transparent background- For a softer, more painterly effect with no harsh lines. Works great for layering with other images as well.  Print on watercolor paper and practice your painting or coloring technique. Make fabulous little pieces of art!

JPG Images

Well, I finally took the hint!  I've had so many requests to convert my files to JPGs for individual customers that I am now just including them as part of the package.  

Some devices display image files against a black background.  This is a real pain! Transparent black line art will not show up against the background at all and other transparent PNGs may be very difficult to see. JPGs, on the other hand, have a white background so they show up beautifully.

Before you delete all your PNGs though, just keep in mind that the white background on the JPG file makes it unsuitable for the digital layering techniques I described above.  I've made a point to use descriptive file names to give you a hint just in case you find yourself trying to guess what's hiding in that black square in your file folder.

Thank You!

My first paid gig as an artist was designing rubber stamps.  I enjoyed it so much, I started Wink Wink Ink in 2010 to serve the digital stamping community.  Although I am branching out into some other income opportunities with my art, my crafty customers always hold a special place in my heart. I appreciate your support so much over the years and I look forward to serving you as long as I can make art!    

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