Friday, August 19, 2016

Boldly going where no stamps have gone before...

Today I'm taking a break from seasonal cards and letting my inner geek out to play!  I have always been fascinated with space and space travel.  Maybe it was because I was born the same year they put a man on the moon.  When I was little I remember sitting in a box with my stuffed animals and pretending we were going up to the stars.  

Then I discovered the original Star Trek.  I watched it at my grandma's house next door because,  although the show was in color, our TV was not.  I don't think she ever quite understood my fascination with that strange guy with the pointy ears.   Ever since then I have loved my sci fi!

The Little Green Man and the Flying Saucer stamps I am using today are a couple of my personal favorites but have not been very popular in my store.  I can think of three possible reasons for this.  1.They stink.   2. Crafters don't like sci fi,   3. Or MAYBE you just need some ideas.  I'm going with #3 unless you all tell me otherwise.  

I have had an idea for using a galaxy background with my Flying Saucer stamp for awhile now.  I attempted to make one in Photoshop but it looked like space vomit.   So I googled "free galaxy images" and found  HubbleSite.   Next thing I knew I had spent an hour clicking on real pictures from space.  Beautiful, magical pictures of stars and gas clouds and black holes and other things that I can't see from down here on Earth.  And these  gorgeous, high resolution photos are all available to download and print for FREE!  

I doubt they had digital stamping in mind when they made their images available to the public but they make gorgeous digital background papers!  Just by moving one picture around behind your image you can have so many different possibilities.  You can flip them, squish them and stretch them and they never look warped or out of proportion.   I literally spent hours playing before I came up with the cards I have for you today.

The Cards!

The colors on this one are just crazy gorgeous!  It's like  a tie dye sky sprinkled with stars.  I didn't even want to cover it up.  But I love how this turned out.  That little flying saucer just pops against that background! 
Stamp:  Flying Saucer
Paper: HubbleSite

If you are a Stargate SG-1 fan, you will know why the Norse font works perfectly for this!  (I loved Thor!)   I actually lightened this background photo up a lot to bring out the pastel shades.  It started out as a dark mix of purples and reds but as I lightened it up other colors started appearing.   So pretty!
Paper: HubbleSite
Font:  Norse

This one ended up with a little bit of a Trekkie vibe with the Final Frontier font and "Red Shirt Red" mat even though I don't remember any cute, friendly, little green men like this on Star Trek.  (I'm sure they just hadn't been discovered yet.)
Paper:  HubbleSite

This one isn't exactly in keeping with my sci fi theme but I liked how it turned out.  Little me may have passed by this while flying around in my box full of stuffed animals!  It looks so dreamy and soothing and twinkly.   This is actually one of my most popular images so I was happy I could find a new way to use it that hadn't been done before!
 Stamp: Moon Baby
Paper: HubbleSite
Embellishments: Pixel Scrapper Digital Scrapbooking
Font:  Cardinal

All of the cards in this post were made using Craft Artist Pro 2 software by Serif.  

Well, that's all for now.  What about you?  Any sci-fi fans out there?  

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  1. These stamps sure are unique. I must say, I have never ever seen there designs before in my life. Will be ordering a few for myself and few for a friend of mine.


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