Thursday, June 9, 2016

A whole herd of horses just for you!

 Hey, everybody!  Well, the good news is I've got internet out here now!  It's not the best internet but it's adequate for what I have to do.  I guess this view from my  backyard this evening is the trade off for slow internet.  I can handle that.   I'm a happy girl!

I'm posting a little early this week because I will be away from the computer for a few days.   I am so excited to tell you about the newest addition to my store!

Beauty  includes a horse, a unicorn, a pegasus, and a pegacorn!  As a side note, I was very happy to find that "pegacorn" is a real word because I  already named all my files that.   LOL

There are 4 individual stamps in the set and each has 1 colored image and 3 uncolored files that are normally included with every Wink Wink Ink image.  (If you are new to Wink Wink Ink, please, see my new About page for an explanation of what kinds of files I include with all of my stamps if you have never bought one before.)

But there's MORE!  Since I am a horse crazy girl from way back,  I got carried away and made 5 more BONUS colored images!  Most of the time when I color an image for my personal use, I throw it in the zip file for you  at no extra charge but I've never done this many before.  So you get 9 colored images (all pictured here) plus the 12 uncolored files (NOT pictured here) for a total of 21 files.  

And I'm only charging $8 for the whole herd!   If you order from my Etsy shop through the month of June using our current coupon code KRAAFT, you will save an additional 20%!  What a deal!

My First Digital Layout

I have a couple of different projects to share with you today.  I usually stick to cards but since I've been trying out digital crafting and all my photos are right there, handy on the computer, it seems a lot more accessible to me.  

I have always had good intentions to scrap more but I don't because I get frustrated with the photo part.  I will not go into my experiences with photo printing because...  Well, you just do NOT want to get me started!   I hate, hate, HATE inkjet photo printers and they hate me right back.   And when I get pictures printed at the store, it seems like they are the wrong size or the color doesn't look like it did on my computer.  Oh, yeah...  And I have to leave my house.  (I'm a bit of an introvert.)  So I really haven't done much with photos.

The stamp is Beauty, the horse version.  It was done with Craft Artist Pro 2 software and all of the digital elements are from Pixel Scrapper.  The fonts are Handwriting and Truetypewriter PolyglOTT

I really had fun with this one.  It brought back so many good memories that I am thinking  about expanding it to 2 pages later on because it wouldn't all fit on the page.  When I was younger I rarely drew anything besides horses and I just kind of ran with that idea.  That's me in the pink shirt at about 9 years old and my brother was 7.

I also remembered getting a stack of  free horse magazines at the Flathead County Library when I was about 12 years old  and painstakingly cutting out each horse picture and gluing it into a notebook with glue stick.  Some of them had pictures on both sides of the pages and I remember agonizing over which horse to keep and which horse got cut in half.  A couple of years later I was doing the same thing with Rick Springfield pictures...  And now here I am.  LOL

 Last time I talked about layering and why I included opaque white backgrounds with my images.  But this illustrates really well what can be done with an image with the completely transparent background.  (I lightened the black lines a little to make it look more like a pencil drawing.)

The journaling is pretty tiny so I have copied it here:
I think I was born wishing I had a horse.  When I was 5 years old we moved to my grandma’s farm in Bigfork.  There I sort of inherited my aunt’s old Welsh pony, Cricket. She wasn’t much good for riding anymore.  She would let me sit on her back as long as I didn’t get any funny ideas about going anywhere.  But she was a HORSE and that was good enough for me!
I spent many a day as a little girl in the barn telling her my troubles and braiding her mane and tail, complete with ribbons and bows.  I thought she was the most beautiful horse in the world!   
That was the closest I ever got to having my own horse and she gave me some of my best memories. She is always in the back of my mind whenever I draw a horse.  I still miss her.  

 Dream Big Card

The stamp is Beauty, the unicorn version.  This is a 5" x 7" card.  It's made with Craft Artist Pro 2 software.  The sentiment and glitter paper are from Pixel Scrapper.

The whole time I was making this one I kept thinking that Napoleon Dynamite would think this was a pretty sweet card.  I could  hear him saying "Buy Wink Wink Ink stamps and all of your wildest dreams will come true."   They won't.  That would be false advertising.  But you might have a lot of fun.  So why not try some and see what happens?

Thanks for reading.  I appreciate you!  :)


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