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What do you get with a Wink Wink Ink digital image?

Each Wink Wink Ink image now comes with 4 different transparent PNG file versions. 
  1. Black line with completely transparent background- Perfect for printing single images or layered over digital papers when you want the pattern  to show through.
  2. Black and white image with transparent background- Best for layering with other images. Lines from the background images won’t show through the top image.
  3. Light tan and white image with transparent background- For a softer, more painterly effect with no harsh lines. Also works great for layering with other images.
  4. Pre-colored image with transparent background- Great for inspiration and quick, easy projects when you don’t want to color.  Also nice for digital cards and scrapbooking.
***Some stamps even include extra colored images at no extra charge!

Layering digital Images

Layering digital images multiplies the fun and value of your digital stamps!   We have gone above and beyond what most digital stamp companies offer to make this easy for you.  

While the plain black line/transparent background png image has it's place in many projects, it does not work well for layering without considerable effort to remove the extra lines, as illustrated in the picture below.  

However, we have included a black and white version and also added white to the light line image. No more trying to erase lines with a clunky mouse.  No complicated software or expensive digital equipment  required to easily compose beautiful scenes using our images. 

You can even layer them over other digital images you already have to make totally new designs!

What is the light line image for?

There are numerous tutorials online about the "light line" or "no line" coloring technique.  The basic idea is to eliminate the harsh black lines normally present in stamped images for a more soft, painterly style of coloring.   Although most tutorials I have seen use Copic markers, it works equally well for other mediums.  

I include a light tan image, which I find to be even less harsh than coloring over a grey line image for things that should be softer looking, like skin and flowers and clothing.  And these can also be easily layered over other images without having to remove extra lines.  

Here is a digital card I made that I colored over a light line image.  I used an Android app called Layer Paint HD for coloring.

Still not sure if our images are for you?

Please try our FREE Cattail stamp.  It includes everything you will get with a Wink Wink Ink image for sale.  See if you like it BEFORE you buy anything!  

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