Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Kraaft It Live and 20% off Coupon!

Hey everybody! Ruby here. The best of Melanie's creations! (I kid, I kid...Definitely within the top 10 though, right, Mom?) If you read the last blog post, you will know that my mom has not had regular access to the interwebs, so I've been stepping in here and there to do what I can to help her.  It's a little challenging with a 3 year old and 1 year old twins, but we're making it work so we can keep you guys up to date on all the latest Wink Wink Ink news. :)

We're quite excited to share something fun, from someone else very close to my heart. (And by that I mean she's my mother in law and the other amazing grandma to my munchkins. Can you believe between the 3 of us we still aren't caught up on scrapbooking?!) Heather, from Kraaft it LIVE, made some lovely pieces of art with our images!  Kraaft it LIVE is a weekly, online live stream that was born after Heather discovered Youtube had a live "Hangouts" option. She has always loved doing various arts and crafts but had never really had anyone to create with her.  Thanks to live streaming, she could create along with other people online, share artwork and interact with other creative people all around the world. 3 years later, there's lots of chatting, crafting and laughs all available on Youtube!

Now, people who are new to digi stamping (or really any craft for that matter) are often intimidated because a lot of the time it seems as if there is only a certain way to do certain things and it must be all very perfect, cookie cutter, 1-2-3 step process. Heather throws all of that kind of thinking out the window... After all the tag line of her show is  "Where fun is to be had and mistakes are bound to happen."

Now onto the project...
For this project, she printed the light lined .png files of  Val, Our Nest is Best, and Falling Apart (Random fact: I remember watching my mom draw the original drawing of this image with pencil and paper, about 15 years ago!) on sheets of 140 lb. water color paper. She then used a paint brush dipped in water to wet down and fill in the areas she wanted to color. Now this is the really, super cool part: she sprinkled custom mixed, powdered pigment onto the areas that have been covered in water and like magic, each little speck of powder melts into this awesome, psychedelic burst of color (Check out a little clip of that here!). Depending on how it reacts to the water, you can either leave as is or smooth it out a little with your paint brush. This creates a very pretty, soft and unique look, somewhat similar to water colors. You repeat this process several times, on different sections of your image and let it dry. (The water WILL reactivate the pigment any time you get it on the pigment, so be wary of any bleeding of colors.)  Then you can go over areas with ink pens or paints or glitter or WHATEVER you'd like to define and highlight certain areas of the picture. Voila, masterpiece!

A freestyle version of this technique! So pretty! 

Be sure to watch the video so you can learn the exact instructions for this beautiful technique! Catch the whole episode and any previous episodes here! Doesn't watching that make you wanna go out and try it yourself? Well, you're all in luck! Until June 30th, 2016 the coupon code KRAAFT will get you 20% off any purchase from our store! Go stock up on your favorite Wink Wink Ink images and go crazy! We'd love to see what YOU can come up with!

I hope you enjoyed this post!
Until next time, Ruby.

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  1. oh what an excellent write up! I love your writing and perhaps I need to babysit so you can get more of that done??!!!

  2. Wonderful post, and 2 very creative grandma's for your little ones! Very talented family!

  3. I just loved reading your post and I certainly enjoyed today's KIL and the beautiful images Heather used. Looks like art runs in the family. hugs, patty

  4. Thanks so much to Heather for having my artwork on the show and for all the kind comments by her viewers. Wish I hadn't been having technical difficulties so I could have participated more but I enjoyed watching after the fact. What a fun bunch you are! :)

  5. A perfect match! Your imagines are so adorable and they just came to life with all the fun color. Wonderful post. I think you need to do this more often. You have a great way with words.

  6. Excellent article, Rubi! So well written, I wanted to read MORE!! It was a great show Tuesday and your Mom's digi art is A MAZ ING!!! Gonna get me some of them!! Please tell her thank you for the super discount, I can buy more!! Woohoo!@


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