Monday, January 21, 2019

Chipmunk stamp and some ideas for Valentine's Day!

Hi, everybody!  

Well, I have a terrible case of Spring Fever this year.  My son got me a new camera for Christmas and I have just been itching to get outdoors and take pictures.  My car is not exactly something you want to take out into the wild in the middle of winter so my photography expeditions have consisted of walks around my new backyard taking pictures of dead weeds and berries until my fingers are so cold they feel like they are going to fall off!  So I have been doing a lot of dreaming about warmer weather lately.  

I have my parents to thank for so many great memories of camping and doing things in the woods as a kid.  I was lucky enough to grow up out in the country, surrounded by fields and woods and all kinds of nature.  So even in the dead of winter I have those memories to draw on and  take my mind off of the fact that, as I write this, the snow is blowing sideways outside my window.  And that's how this little chipmunk came into being.  Whether I saw him in the wood pile or at a campsite, he always makes me think of warm weather and happy times.  And today you can find him HERE poking his head out in my Etsy store!

Showing some Love

As I mentioned in my last post, I'm hard at work updating and adding project ideas to my stamp listings on Etsy.   Here are a few ideas I had that would be great for Valentine's Day!  Just click on the pictures to go to the corresponding image in my store if you see something you like!

"Home is where you are."
made with Our Nest is Best

"BEE my Valentine"
made with Buzzy

"I love doing LIFE with YOU"
made with Love Cats

"Nana's Luv Bug" Onesie
made with Luv Bug

"I owlways have time for you" Clock
made with Val

That's all for now.  Hope you are all staying warm and having a wonderful week!


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