Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Even more Fall cards!

Hello, everybody!
Just a quick reminder that you have until 8/10/16 (tomorrow!) to comment on my Fall Images post HERE to win your favorite Fall stamp!  So far there are only 3 comments so the odds are pretty good!  Just tell me which new Fall image is your favorite and I'll choose a random winner to be announced Friday! 

  First up I have a card made with my Tom Turkey stamp.  This stamp comes with 2 bonus colored images in brown and white at no extra charge!   The brown one reminds me of my dad's baby turkey that used to hop up and sit on his knee.  It wasn't so cute when he got to be about 40 lbs though!   Good times!  ha ha

 Stamp: Tom Turkey
Digital Paper and Embellishments: Pixel Scrapper

When my brother and I were kids we spent many a Fall day out under the big tree in our yard playing with Woolly Bear caterpillars.  When I was little I thought God must have dressed them in black and orange because they come out so close to Halloween.  They are a cold weather caterpillar (They actually freeze solid in the winter!) so a lot of people probably haven't heard of them.  If you are a nature geek like me you might enjoy watching this little VIDEO!  This stamp could easily be colored any way you like though, especially if you use the light line image.   

Stamp: Woolly Bear
Digital Paper and Embellishments: Pixel Scrapper
Font: Jenna Sue

Pumpkin Person was inspired by some vintage Halloween greeting cards I saw on Pinterest.  However, my take on it is a lot more smiley and doesn't look like he wants to eat your head.  The stamp includes 5 different word stamps that fit onto the banner.  

Digital Paper and Embellishments: Pixel Scrapper

All of the cards in this post were made using Craft Artist 2 Pro software.

That's all for today.  Check back again Friday, as I will have another free digital stamp for you and I will be announcing the winner of our random drawing!
Have a great day!

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