Friday, July 15, 2016

I quill make this a short post....

Hello, everybody!  I've been out of town all week without internet so I'm a little behind on things.  However, I do have a new stamp and 3 cards for you today!

Meet "Porcupine".   (My imagination for choosing names does not equal my imagination for drawing pictures apparently.)

As a Montana girl I have met my fair share of porcupines while out in the woods and I think they get kind of a bad rap.  They just like their space and they are pleasant enough if you don't go sticking your nose in their business.   I can appreciate that!

This image would be perfect for a simple "Hello" or Thinking of you" type of card.  However, it's also pretty easy to come up with some pun-tastic sentiments, if that's your thing!

Stamp:  Porcupine
Paper and embellishments: Pixel Scrapper
Fonts:  Clicker Script and Gabriela

Stamp:  Porcupine
Paper and embellishments: Pixel Scrapper
Font: New Day

Stamp:  Porcupine
Paper and Embellishments:  Pixel Scrapper

I am getting very excited to introduce my new  Fall stamps in August!   I've also been working on a couple of freebies that you can pair up with some of our existing stamps to give them a whole new purpose for Fall.  Be sure to sign up to receive our emails (upper right side of this page)  so you won't miss anything!

Hope you are all having a fantastic summer!

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