Friday, July 29, 2016

Back to School Freebies!

Hello, everybody!

Well, I can't believe we are already 2 months into summer already.  I noticed this week that the stores are putting out their school supplies.   I'm not sure why but that always triggers waves of nostalgia for me like nothing else does.  Being the introvert that I am, I can't say I really liked school.  Actually, I dreaded it  about 95% of the time. However, I loved all the brand new books and school supplies and even school work!

I have a very vivid memory of being 6 years old, tummy full of butterflies, standing out at the bus stop, the smell of Fall leaves and wood smoke in the air.  I feel very awkward.  There are older kids waiting too, talking about me like I'm not there.   I want to hide under a rock.  So I do the next best thing and stick my face in my book bag, pretending to look very intently for something.  I inhale the smell of brand new crayons, paper, pencils, and erasers and it makes me feel happy and excited.  So many possibilities

To be honest,  I haven't changed much in the last 40 years.   I have found slightly more socially acceptable ways of going to my "happy place" so you won't find me sticking my head in my purse or anything like that.  And my tablet carries the equivalent of everything I used to carry in my book bag and then some.  But I still feel like I could change the world if I had enough good books and paper and the BIG box of Crayolas!

Freebie time!

So that brings me to my newest freebie!  A set of 3 actually.  All just in time for back to school crafting.  You can find them here.  If you haven't checked out my Freebies Page yet, there are even more goodies there!

In an earlier post I talked about making little add-on images to make my existing stamps more versatile.  I even revamped my entire collection to include versions that could be layered on top of each other without lines showing through so you could create new scenes and essentially brand new stamps out of the ones you already own.  Now I can finally show you what I mean!

I love working with this new Night Owl stamp so much!  (Thanks, Ruby, for introducing him for me last week!)  The glasses work great on him!  Looks like he's ready to pull an all nighter to me!

Stamp: Night Owl and Books free stamp
Digital Papers and Embellishments: Pixel Scrapper

Here's a great reminder for someone having those first day of school jitters, a big scary exam, or just anybody who is dealing with stressful situations in general.  I made the stack of books taller and heftier for this one and I think it worked out great.  

Stamps: Catnap and Books free stamp
Digital Papers and Embellishments: Pixel Scrapper

This last one reminds me a lot of little me.  I tried stacking 2 book images on top of each other for this one.  I flipped one around so it wouldn't look exactly like the one on top of it.  Don't you love the versatility of digis?!  So many possibilities!

 Stamps:  Little Bird and Books free stamp
Digital Papers and Embellishments:  Pixel Scrapper

All digital cards were made using Craft Artist Pro 2 Software by Serif!

Fall Stamps 

Only 3 more days until I start rolling out the new Fall stamps!  Stay tuned!

Until next time...

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